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We are a Growth Marketing Agency based in Hong Kong. We focus on helping businesses grow revenue and become more data-driven through growth marketing, while maximizing corporates & scale-ups ROI.

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More and more SMEs hoping to grow their business by utilizing online marketing, but the common problem they face is usually do not know where to start.

Not just social media platforms, but website should always be your core asset as an online marketing tool.

Let’s begin with a consultation and we will tell you where to start!

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth Marketing is different with traditional digital marketing methods. We focus solely on the growth of your company, using customized marketing strategies and conversion funnel to generate potential customers, and thus convert them into paying customers. In the process, we conduct a lot of testings and experiments, then analyze the data and results to find out which method has the highest return for your business.

Our goal is to scale your business using the most effective ways by focusing on the raise on your potential customers and the increase on your conversion rate, so that a limited marketing budget can be turned into a high business revenue.

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Why Do You Need Growth Marketing?

Companies can no longer waste their budgets on unrewarded advertising. Switch methods if you do not see growth! Therefore, in addition of different optimization tasks, Growth Marketing pays more attention to the whole marketing funnel rather than just the first-level of brand exposure. Through continuous experiments and optimization, the return for your marketing plan can be increased as much as possible.

In many cases, Growth Marketing also integrates artificial intelligence to automate marketing tasks to save your manpower and time costs, which is Marketing Automation. We are good at using Marketing Automation technology to integrate with your CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ), as well as enhancing your ads targeting and leads nurturing.


Our Growth Marketing Solutions


We Grow Your Organic Traffic and Sales.

Turn Your Website Into a Lead Magnet


Having a Good Application is Not Enough

We Maximize Your Application Downloads & Users

Marketing Automation

Save You Hours a Day By

Automating Your Marketing Funnels

LinkedIn Lead Generation

A Perfect Platform for B2B Lead Generation

Google PPC

Leverage with Your Search Engine Marketing

Dominate on The Search Engine Result Page

Facebook Ads

Scale Your Sales With Advanced Targeting

Website Evaluation

We Make Your Website a Powerful Marketing Asset

Not Only a Products/Services Showroom

Website Design

Your Website Should Be a Marketing Asset

Let us Build a Website with Marketing Tactics

Website Report

We analyze your website and give free feedback and proposal on how We/You could improve your website SEO.


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